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CreativPOPS is a Bali Digital Creative + Social Media Agency

What flavour do you fancy?

We are not just another typical digital marketing agency.

We are not just about - you pay X-PRICE, and we deliver Y-SERVICE then that’s the end of the story.

We are always looking at how to make your business looks and performs better by pushing our idea Popsicles machine. Our agency offers full digital marketing, creative content production & social media agency service in Bali & Thailand that is perfect from small business to luxury hospitality.

What flavour do we serve? CreativPOPS scope of work:

  • Social media strategy

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Product storytelling and content production

  • Digital public relations

Our Creatives + Care for Your Business = Explosions of Ideas!


CreativPOPS Clients + Success Story

Hotels & Resorts

F&B Industry

Real Estate Property

Our Works


It’s not easy to pick our favourite flavour of work. So we did it for you. Some show little twists, big ideas or our experimentation of the digital realm.


Ms Chen Lie

A bubble of sunshine and always on the move, Chen Lie is a graduate of Hospitality Management from Petra Christian University. She has worked with the world’s leading brand in the marketing field such as
St. Regis, Bvlgari Resort, Grand Hyatt and Waldorf Astoria. She also co-founded Bali’s first social media hub – @balifoodies that set the trend and changed the social landscape.


So, how can we POP your business?

CreativPOPS is not your typical creative studio; we have our hands in a different kind of Popsicles. Our service range from graphic design, to photography and video production. As the cherry on top, we are also into digital services that include online PR, advertising and social media as part of our flavourful online bundle.

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