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AShore Samui Beach Bar Aerial.jpg

Thailand Branding & Social Media Agency

A.Shore Beach Bar, Koh Samui, Thailand

Role / Social media content + collateral & wall-art design     Year / 2021

The Challenge

Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort plans to upgrade their beach bar; through the brief, they plan to design a rustic and easy-going beach bar to promote simple living in Samui. They are looking to set a tone and messaging that will intrigue digital nomads and hip residents; they also want to stay away from promotional that is too traditional hotel approach.


The Idea

Our solution was to set the tone from the beginning with a rustic, mood-setting and style that is simple pleasures of life on A.Shore Instagram. We recommended staying away from heavy price or heavy poster content that traditional hotels often utilise. We also assisted in redesigning the menu cover to blend with the beach bar tone and designed a simple yet attention-grabbing wall-art for any guests walking by the Fisherman’s Village.

As a result, Samui residents were intrigued by the beach bar and came through word-of-mouth, and guests started to take photos by the wall-art and share it on their social media channels, thus creating free social advertising.

Our Results


Social media &
buzz generation

Image by Vitaly Sacred

Menu cover &
promo collateral


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